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¡Bienvenido al sitio web de Velazquez Consumer Law, LLC! Nuestra firma sirve a las personas maravillosas y trabajadoras de Aurora y los suburbios del oeste de Chicago. Brindamos servicios legales excepcionales en las áreas de planificación patrimonial, derecho concursal y bienes raíces.

El centro de nuestra empresa es el servicio empático y compasivo que brindamos a cada cliente que nos permite comprender completamente su situación y objetivos . Sobre todo, nuestro enfoque receptivo y práctico para sus problemas legales arroja resultados reales. Para obtener más información sobre cómo podemos ayudarlo, consulte nuestras Áreas de práctica .


Ley de quiebras

Si incluso está considerando declararse en quiebra, probablemente esté abrumado por el miedo y no esté seguro de cuál es su mejor opción en el futuro.

Ley de Bienes Raíces

Tener un abogado con experiencia en bienes raíces puede proteger sus intereses y asegurarse de que se logre el resultado deseado.

Testamentos y fideicomisos

Hay algunas cosas en la vida que todos parecen posponer; Redactar su última voluntad y testamento es un ejemplo notable.

Recursos gratuitos

Quiebra en Illinois

Por qué necesita un plan patrimonial y 5 documentos que necesita en él

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Very responsive and helpful. I would recommend and use again if needed in the future.
Cassandra W.
Very respectful and understanding. Friendly understanding explains things carefully.
Francisco T.
Orlando Velazquez was the best attorney I could have had for my bankruptcy. He treated with respect, answered all of my questions, made sure I understood the process and kept me up…
Antonio M.
He has represented me with a bankruptcy and real estate closings, and I’m very satisfied with his representation. Excellent!
Angeles T.
Orlando did an outstanding job with my case. He was reliable, he was always readily available to answer any of my concerns or questions. He went out of his way to address any issue…
A Satisfied Client
My situation was clearly represented and promptly expedited in a concerned and gracious manner. I would not hesitate to call on Orlando Velazquez Consumer Law if the need arises.
Donald R.
Mr. Velazquez was a complete professional. He treated me with the utmost respect and was amazing to work with. It was the best legal decision I’ve ever made to work with him. It …
Chad W.
Always helpful and made the process a lot easier and less stressful. Definitely recommend him.
Josephine P.
Orlando was crucial in our home purchase process, always available even beyond office. I will be referring him to my network. A+ plus service. You will be in great hands.
Shawna A.
We were treated with respect and he is very knowledgeable with our situation. I feel he was the best choice for our case. I would recommend him.
Stephanie A.
With best respect any Man can ask for. Helped me out with any questions I had. Hire the man, great guy! Shows nothing but love and cares for people.
Christian L.
Orlando was wonderful and treated me as family, will definitely work with again. Thank you. A plus service.
Amjad W.
Orlando treated us great with respect and he also kept us informed all the way through our process. He also was very good at dealing with attorneys from debt collectors. Great, bei…
Michael A.
Respectful and very informative. I appreciate the work you have done. When I first came to your office, I was a mess. Not only did you help me with my own bankruptcies, explained e…
Hazel R.
Mr. Velazquez explained everything in great detail, laid out the plan for my situation and executed perfectly. I didn’t think I needed a certified bankruptcy attorney but I am gl…
A Satisfied Client
Mr. Orlando treated Very much with respect and made me feel very comfortable indeed. I’m very glad I chose Mr. Orlando Velazquez he always kept up with the case dates. I will des…
Consuelo L.
He was incredibly informative and walked me through the process and set expectations. Absolutely recommend him to any of my friends or family.
Rick S.
Orlando Velazquez was great and helped me ever step of the way he always found time to answer any questions about my case I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.
Jose Velez
If you’re looking for a good lawyer that is knowledgeable, trustworthy, helpful and understanding, look no further Mr. Orlando Velazquez will provide you the best service, you’ll b…
Nelson Flores
The treatment was amazing it was a perfect and extremely professional. Amazing experience and an extremely good person to work with.
Angel M.
He was very knowledgeable and helpful. It was a good decision to hire him. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.
Jon W.
English and Spanish is important to me. Mr Orlando helped me understand better my process since the beginning to the end. Definitely I’ll recommend his services.
Jose Cordero
Excellent and treated me with respect.
Jacinto L.
Absolutely!! Very clear on every step, very respectful, knowledgeable, kind, great at pointing every detail on every question I had and also pointing out the importance of other on…
Julio A.
He really helped me out a lot and was always on top of my case he was there with me through everything. He’s the best.
Brandon R.
“Extremely accommodating to my needs and punctual to all the tasks that needed to be accomplished for closing on my first home purchase. I was completely pleased with choosing to…
Salvador D.
Mr. Velazquez made my husband and I feel so comfortable with the process and his direction. Best decision we made. We have even recommended individuals to Mr. Velazquez. Very patie…
Maribel G.

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